Miss Herriman scholarship

Miss Herriman is part of the Miss America Organization. Miss America is one of the nation’s largest providers of scholarship assistance to young women.

The Miss America Competitions have served as a platform to amplify women’s voices during times in our country’s history when they have been needed most. Sharing the most authentic and poignant stories of women IN history and women now making history, Miss Herriman is an important part of the Herriman community.

You will see Miss Herriman at many of the events that Friends of Herriman put on; anywhere from serving nachos at the rodeo, to teaching choreography to our kids for the performance workshop, to working a booth and the farmers market to performing at Herriman Live.


Future Scholarships

Friends of Herriman is looking at other ways we can support the youth in our area, and specifically those who have a consistent record of participating in the arts in our community. While we don’t have anything to announce yet, if you’d like to sponsor a scholarship, please reach out to us.