The Visual Arts division of the Friends of Herriman Arts Board is excited to get started! We want to bring greater awareness of and attention to the fantastic artists we have in our community.

We are developing programs in the following areas:

  • Art shows and competitions
  • Art training sessions for adults
  • Art training sessions for youth and children
  • Permanent art exhibits in the community (murals, overpasses, trails, sculptures, etc.)
  • Temporary and short-term art exhibits in the community (these are art projects that would rotate over time)
  • Exhibiting art in public spaces like City Hall, Town Days and partnering with artists to help them sell their art to the public.

While most of these programs are still in development, we are excited to announce our first Art Contest!

Current Contests

2023 Fort Herriman Towne Days show: Sunny Days Ahead

Fort Herriman Towne Days is an annual tradition for many of us! This week-long celebration of our city has activities for the whole family, and we’re no exception!

We’re hosting our second ever art show with the theme #SunnyDaysAhead.

Here is a summary of the rules:

  • Initial submission will be digital only. The submission window is from now until June 16.
  • Artist must be a resident of Herriman City.
  • Art must be an original creation of the named artist. No derivative work allowed.
  • All submissions must have been completed within the last three months, and reflect the theme “Sunny Days Ahead.”
  • Accepted art categories for this event:
    • Photography (minor digital editing and filtering is allowed)
    • Fine Art (drawing, painting, watercolor, chalk, mixed-media, etc.)
    • Digital Art (Art generated using any AI tools is strictly prohibited)
    • 3-D Art (sculpture, textile, woodworking, metal, etc.)
  • Art will be evaluated collectively across art categories for each age group. Age groups are:
    • Youth (ages 8-12)
    • Teen (ages 13-17)
    • Adult (ages 18 +)
  • Only one entry per person.

We will have the art show in the Friends of Herriman tent at the 2023 Fort Herriman Towne Days in June at Butterfield Park.

We’ll have prizes for first, second, and third place, chosen by the Arts Council. We’ll let people at the event vote for their favorite across the entire show, and that entry will win the Popular Vote prize.

As prizes are being donated by the community, they are yet to be determined. If you would like to sponsor this contest or provide a prize to our winners, please reach out to

2023 Herriman Live Chalk Art Contest

Herriman Live, the kickoff party to our week-long Herriman Town Days celebration, is hosting a new event this year: a chalk drawing competition.

Each entrant will get a 4 foot x 4 foot (16 square feet total) section of sidewalk to create your masterpiece.

Check in will be on June 19 starting at 8 AM. You’ll have from 8 AM to 6 PM to draw. Judging will take place at 6 PM.

Winners will be announced at Herriman Live.

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category (Youth, Teen, Adult).

In addition, there will be a free-draw area for people of all ages during the Herriman Live event.

IMPORTANT: Herriman Live is a family-focused event. Without exception, all artwork must be PG or lower. No nudity, profanity, or other explicit content will be allowed. Additionally, artwork must not contain political references, offensive symbols, defamatory content, or prejudiced content.