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The 2024 Herriman summer musical will be Roald Dahl’s MATILDA the Musical.

We are very excited for this show and would love to see everyone at auditions.  Please fill out the audition form below.

Auditions for ages 7-12 years old will be a video audition submission for the initial audition. Videos Due by March 5, 2024.

Auditions for age 13+ and adults will be March 11-12 (Monday and Tuesday) @ Herriman City Hall (after you complete the registration form, you will select a date and time).

We are also looking for volunteers interesting in joining our production team. Reach out, if interested.

Additional Info for Video auditions:(ages 7-12)

Your audition video should contain the following:

Your slate. (This is theater terminology that means the actor looks directly at the camera, and tells us their name, their age, the part they are auditioning for (if they have one), the song they will be singing, and the phrase “I’m auditioning for Herriman’s Matilda”) (See note below)

Your audition song. Please sing 16 measures (about 30-45 seconds) of a song in the style of the show. No pop songs, please. You’ll probably sound better if you sing to a backing track, but you don’t have to. The easiest way to find a backing track is to search YouTube for your song title, plus the words “minus track” or “karaoke”.

Your dance audition. Play the music using your computer or another phone, and perform the dance taught in our choreography audition video.



We need both items together in a single video. You can record them all at once, or you can record them separately and then use a tool like iMovie to edit them together. You will need to upload that video to YouTube and paste only the URL link to that YouTube video in your audition form.

You are not being judged on the production quality of your video. We do not expect a professional video! Just do your best. However, technology issues will NOT excuse you from the firm audition deadline, so getting it done earlier is better so if you have any questions or issues you can reach out to us and still have time to submit your audition.

For TIPS and HELP with making the best video audition click HERE.