Herriman Dowdle Puzzle Student Fundraising Opportunity

We are letting you know about a wonderful fundraising opportunity for your students. Friends of Herriman is the new non-profit organization that took over the Parks, Trails, Arts, and Culture events and programs in Herriman City. We were able to get the artist Eric Dowdle to commission a puzzle for Herriman City. We are able to exclusively sell these puzzles for the first year.

We want everyone in Herriman City to have the opportunity to own one of these puzzles. If you have students or organizations that are interested in fundraising, we have a great deal for them.

How the fundraising works:
  1. Each puzzle sells for $30. Each student will get $15 of that back to help pay for fees at their school. Funds will only be paid to the school directly.
  2. If you have students or organizations interested, you will do the following:
    1. Set up a time with a FOH board member to talk through the fundraiser and hand out puzzles. Students may check out up to 15 puzzles at a time with an option to get more.
    2. They will receive a lanyard with all the information they need, ways to collect funds, and an optional script.
    3. The students then may opt to sell their puzzles to people they know or we have maps of the city they can go door to door making sure everyone has their puzzle. These areas are assigned by FOH so that we do not go to places more than once.
    4. When the student has sold all of their puzzles or if they are simply done with the fundraiser, they return their lanyard and any remaining puzzles.
  3. Once the fundraiser is complete, FOH will write a check to the school and have each student’s name with how much they receive towards their fees.
Apply Here

Send us a message through our contact form. Be sure to select “Herriman Puzzle Fundraiser for Students” in the “Who can we direct your question to?” field in the contact form.

  • Can they pay cash?
    • Yes, the student will turn that cash in with the lanyard and remaining puzzles.
  • Can I take other donations?
    • Yes, if friends or neighbors want to support you in your fundraising that is wonderful. Please note if they Venmo on your behalf you MUST have School name, organization, and Student Name in the comment to get credit.
  • How is it tracked to me?
    • It is important that when someone purchases a puzzle they MUST have the School name, organization, and Student Name in the comments so the student will get credit.
    • Puzzles handed out are the responsibility of the student; if they are sold, we can track that back to the student and get them their funds. If the puzzles are lost or destroyed, they will be the responsibility of the student to pay for them. The lanyard must also be returned to receive credit.
  • How many can I sell?
    • Sell as many as you would like. We are committed to helping provide meaningful places and programs in Herriman City and your school and school programs are some of those meaningful programs!
  • What if I need more puzzles?
    • You will be given contact information to arrange picking up another batch of puzzles.
  • What is the Friends of Herriman?
    • Friends of Herriman is the non-profit organization that took over all of the Parks,Trails, Arts and Culture events and programs in the city.
  • Where do all the funds go?
    • 100% of the proceeds goes back into the community. If doing this for a school fundraiser, a portion will go directly to that school for the program or student intended. The other funds will be used for Parks, Trails, Art, and Cultural events and programs in the city.
  • Where do I get more information on The Friends of Herriman?
    • Please visit more of our website for ways to donate, volunteer, or get involved with the programs in the city.